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Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Barbara, although I much prefer my nick-names of Bob or Bobbie.

I’ve been married to Terry for 45 years we have a son, two beautiful granddaughters (hello Zoe Rose and Lilly Grace), two grown-up grandsons (Hello Kip and Tris!), and a lovely daughter-in-law. Our son, his wife and their two daughters live in Australia, but his sons (from a previous relationship) have recently returned to the UK.

I have an ongoing love affair with anything furry (oh misses!) dogs, cats, and Koalas being my favourites. My other passions are vintage children’s books, vintage games, nursery china (especially anything decorated with animals or children) with designs by Eileen Soper or Chloe Preston.

My ‘hobbies’ are attending fetes, book fairs, auctions, visiting wildlife sanctuaries, walking, and of course reading.  Most (but not all) of the books featured on this blog are for sale on my website March House Books please call in if you have the time.

Update;  March House Books closed in July 2015. I will continue to blog and visit other blogs as often as she can.

Thanks to everyone who calls in, Barbara x

A Great Big Thank You to;

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