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My mum Rene (Alice Irene Flitney née Harding) died in 1999. When my brother, sister and I went through her things we found an envelope full of old newspaper clippings and other bits and pieces. We looked through the papers and put the envelope away, but those yellowing pieces of paper keep whispering of half-forgotten times and places. Places like Butlers Cross, Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury, West Wycombe, Little Kimble, Wendover, Ellesborough, Southcourt and Princes Risborough.

In July 2014, my husband Terry and I set out to find the church where my mum and dad got married. From that, my family history blog was born. It is not intended to be a serious search for long-lost relatives more a meander through the life and times of my mum and dad, grandparents and other family members who might pop in from time to time.

For Travelling the Bride wore a pink & blue two piece is the name of the blog, if you would like to take a look please click on this link.

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