Saturday, 14 May 2011

Souvenirs from the 1951 Festival of Britain

It's sixty years since The Festival of Britain and this year the South Bank Centre is to mark the anniversary with a summer of celebrations.

The original event was devised by the then Labour deputy leader Herbert Morrison as “a tonic for the nation”. After the austerity of the war years the Festival aimed to raise the spirits of the people whilst promoting the very best in British art, design and industry.

We have several original souvenirs from the 1951 Festival in stock including a superb copy of the Sphere magazine packed with photographs and Festival related articles.

Another interesting find is a copy of the Field magazine “Festival of Britain number” with lots of period advertisements. This one caught my eye, "property for sale in West Sussex, an attractive Georgian residence complete with outbuildings, stabling for 10 horses, paddocks, four cottages and 23 acres of land all for the princely sum of £12,500". Just imagine what that would be worth today.

There are also one or two Rowland Emett Far Tottering and Oystercreek railway postcards, a booklet on the design of the Festival, an official Festival guide and a "Festival of Britain cut-out paper doll" (sadly not complete).

The above items are now sold, thank you for your interest.

The commemoration of the Festival continues on the South Bank until September 2011.

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