Monday, 11 July 2011

Book of the week - Biggity Bantam illustrated by Tasha Tudor

Beautifully illustrated book written by Tom McCready and illustrated by his wife Tasha Tudor (28th August 1915 – 18th June 2008) one of America’s best-known and probably best-loved illustrators.

Biggity was a bantam rooster who got his name by acting very fierce in spite of his small size. He was one of a flock of tiny bantams living in a back yard with lots of other animals. Biggity was often naughty, he escaped constantly, and was always getting into mischief. He lived with the Warner family and was a pet of the Warner children, Bill, Ralph, Helen and Emily.

In reality Mr & Mrs Warner were none other than Tom and Tasha McCready and Bill, Ralph, Helen and Emily were based on  the McCready children.

A cleverly written and beautifully illustrated book that has delighted thousand of young readers – and their parents.

Now out-of-print and difficult to find. The copy we have in stock is in very good condition and complete with the elusive dust jacket.

Biggity Bantam is now sold, thank you for your interest.

My favourite Tasha Tudor book is Adventures of a Beagle. Do you have a favourite? 

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