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The Emett Festival Railway a Puffin cut-out book, 1951

The Emett Festival Railway a Puffin cut-out book published in 1951.  Four pages of instructions and twelve thick card pages containing all the sections to be cut-out and built (those wishing to can fit a clockwork motor!) designed to fit standard 00 gauge track. 

This lovely little book came into stock recently, sold this morning, and is now on the way to its new home in France. I had intended to do a blog post about it so took a few quick ‘photos and including them here. As you may have notice I have a passion for anything by Rowland Emett and always look for his books/postcards when I go on buying trips. 

 I can’t begin to imagine how anyone would put this together – but I love the designs!

The Far Tottering and Oystercreek Railway which serves the cloud Cuckoo valley links Far Tottering to the sea at Oyster Creek, calling at Wisteria Halt, Friars Fidgetting, Abbots Grumbling, and Wastecote Fancy. There is a section which is now disused, the Witch-hollow loop, which served Hangdog Heath, Sygian Halt, and Duckwallow Marsh. As nobody ever went there, this branch was abandoned.

More recently a coastal section was extended to Dog-fish Point and Smugglers Reach. The main business is now taking bird watchers to Tottering Woods, hens and pigs to Fidgetting Market, and excursions to see the Paddleboats in Starfish Bay on Saturday afternoons. There are only three engines now in service: Nellie, Neptune, and Wild Goose. 

Nellie is the pride, joy, and bulwark of the F.T. & O. The Directors believe that she incorporates all that is best in railway practice. There is absolutely no nonsense about her. Flying engines, nautical engines and such-like fiddle-faddle, may come and go at the whim of whosoever is the engineer at the moment, but Nellie will always remain the solid bastion upon which is reared, in one form or another, all that is most delightful and desirable in prime movers.

In an age when the other railways seem to be getting drabber and drabber, the Directors earnestly hope that the example of Nellie will be taken well to heart, and that perhaps there will be a return towards engines which, besides transporting the body, will have something for the eye and mind.  

Update July 2016: The featured book is now sold. March House books closed on my retirement in 2015, but I am still happily blogging here at March of Time Books. Your visits are always appreciated.


  1. Some many moons ago I was presented with a colour photo-copy of the engine section of this book. I then took B/W copies and pasted them to thin plastic sheet. I cut out the 'bits' and used them to build a loco which has travelled many miles on my layout, many kilometres in a van between exhibitions and still lives at my home in her travel case.
    Emett was indeed a remarkable man.
    Adrian Hoad

  2. barbaraannefisher30 March 2012 at 09:07

    Hello Adrian, thanks so much for your comment! I would love to see your Emett train in action, do you visit the toy and train fairs in Yeovil? You probably already know about Smallbrook Studio but if not I’m sure you would enjoy a visit. Barbara

  3. Can you please tell me if your excellent photos, included in your fascinating March House Blog, are all meant to be the same size? They seem different, such as the cover illustrations, and the first two-page spread.

    1. Hello John, thank you for your kind comment. The images are all different sizes. Are you wishing to use them for something or are you just curious? Barbara


I really appreciate your comment. Thank you!
Barbara xx

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