Monday 8 August 2011

Book of the week - A child's day with photographic illustrations

I sang a song to Rosamond Rose only the wind in the twilight knows; I sang a song to Jeanetta Jennie, she flung from her window a silver penny;
I sang a song to Matilda May, she took to her heels, and ran away: I sang a song to Susannah Sue, she giggled the whole of the verses through;

But nevertheless, as sweet as I can, I'll sing a song to Elizabeth Ann - the same little Ann as there you see smiling as happy as happy can be.

And all that my song is meant to say is just what she did one long, long day, with her own little self to play with only, yet never once felt the least bit lonely.

A child's day written by Walter de la mare with photographic illustrations by Carine and Will Cadby.  A poem all about Elizabeth Ann and what she does in a day.

Second edition published in September 1915 by Constable London.

The official Walter de la Mare Website

A child's day is now sold, thank you for your interest.

My favourite Walter de la Mare poem is The Listeners
"Is there anybody there?" said the Traveller, knocking on the moonlit door; And his horse in the silence champed the grasses of the forest's ferny floor: And a bird flew up out of the turret, Above the Traveller's head and he smote upon the door again a second time; "Is there anybody there?" he said.

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  1. Just delightful. I love 'The Listeners' I haven't read that one in years. Gave me chills.
    My favorite is: 'The Swing' by Robert Louis Stevenson. It was the poem that started me writing poetry as a child, right to this day.

  2. barbaraannefisher8 August 2011 at 16:55

    The Listeners gives me goosebumps but I think that’s why I remember it -

    ‘And he felt in his heart their strangeness, their stillness answering his cry, while his horse moved, cropping the dark turf, ‘neath the starred and leafy sky’

    Wish I had written that!

    ‘The Swing’ is lovely too and I only have to read it to be a small girl again. Summers were always warm and sunny (in my memory) and I spent hours on my swing in the garden ‘up in the air so blue’

  3. I haven't read these poems, but The Listener sounds very interesting. Thanks for introducing them!

  4. barbaraannefisher12 August 2011 at 09:37

    Hello Claudine
    I'm sure the words from the listener are available on Google if you would like to read them (or drop me an email and I will send them to you). Thanks for calling in.


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