Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Come to the Circus - Enid Blyton

"Ladies and Gentlemen - welcome to Mr. Carl Crack's Grand Circus. On with the SHOW!" And then, tumbling over and over, came the clowns and Mr. Wriggle the acrobat, Mrs. Connie and her monkeys, Mr. Holla and his two chimpanzees, looking very fine in circus clothes. Mr. Tiny and the the three elephants, Uncle Ursie and the bears, Willie and Cackles - the whole string of circus performers, dressed in their finest clothes, bowing and smiling, yelling delightedly at all the shouts and claps and stamps of applause. Yes, the circus had begun!

Come to the Circus! Pg. 62
By Enid Blyton

Book now sold, thanks for looking.

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