Sunday, 4 March 2012

Toot Toot!

Do you hear that? That’s me blowing my own trumpet!

I was browsing online and happened upon the beautiful Uber Collection website.

This is the introduction from the homepage -

The Uber Collection is the UK's foremost website showcasing a wealth of information about the items and services required for a lifestyle of luxury and exclusivity. We have carefully selected a range of exceptional providers covering areas as diverse as travelling, home interiors, finance, schools, jewellery, yachts and more.

So out of curiosity I typed ‘antique books’ into the search box, and up popped four listings, including March House Books! Thank you Uber Collection, March House Books is delighted to be part of your stunning website.

Definition – Uber
Word: German, from über over, beyond
1: being a superlative example of its kind or class
2: to an extreme or excessive degree

If you have the time don’t miss a visit to this beautiful site, a place where dreams really can come true!

That’s quite enough of my boasting, normal service will be resumed tomorrow. I’ve got farm books on my mind!


  1. Congrats Barbara!! You have every right to blow your own trumpet because your collection and knowledge of children's vintage books is exceptional! You deserve all the recognition you can get! I'm gonna go check out that site now :)

  2. barbaraannefisher4 March 2012 at 12:52

    Thank you Megan, that’s a really sweet thing to say. There are some amazing things on the uber collection – it’s nice to visit and dream.

  3. Congratulations Barbara! What a lovely surprise! I do find it a bit odd that they did not contact you to let you know they were including you on the site, I would have expected that to be a standard policy. You are a well deserved entry though! - I am also going to see what they are all about now as well.

    PS - another lovely illustration of pixies - they really are giving you a great fanfare!

  4. barbaraannefisher4 March 2012 at 15:24

    Hello Sharon, I was surprised about it too. I have no idea how long my site has been included and don’t know how they found me, but I’m not complaining! I honestly don’t know how or why they chose my site, but I am delighted. I was trying to think of a picture to accompany the post when I remember the elfin chorus by Margaret Tarrant – it just summed up how I feel right now.

  5. barbaraannefisher4 March 2012 at 16:10

    Thinking about your comment reminded me of something that happened a few years back. I received an email from a customer in America to say how surprised she was to see a picture of me in rare book review magazine. I emailed back and said she must be mistaken as I had certainly never had my picture taken for a magazine. A couple of weeks later a letter arrived with the cutting and true enough it was me! They had taken a screen capture from the internet and included that, you can see it on this page, when you get there just scroll down to the first picture.

  6. Congratulations on this! It is always nice to find your name in a positive light.

  7. Darlene Foster5 March 2012 at 06:27

    That must have made you uber happy Barbara. Coming from a German-Canadian family, we used that word a lot when I was growing up.

  8. barbaraannefisher5 March 2012 at 07:38

    It certainly did! It’s not a word I’ve used before – but I might now! Thanks for calling in.

  9. barbaraannefisher5 March 2012 at 07:41

    Thank you, Donna.

  10. Congratulations! How exciting! It is uber fun to find yourself somewhere you aren't expecting. I love your blog and site- everything is so beautiful. Yeah for your and March House Books! :)

  11. barbaraannefisher6 March 2012 at 11:33

    Thank you Jess. I was Uber excited to find out! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm – you just made my day.


I really appreciate your comment. Thank you!
Barbara xx

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