Monday, 28 November 2016

Just Tagging Along ...

I promised to join in with this tag months ago but it somehow kept getting put on the back burner. Thanks for including me Tracy sorry it took so long!

My Answers To Tracy’s Questions

Given that they say your old mobile/cell phone could make you serious money, which old object(s) do you have stashed away in a draw collecting dust?

Sadly or perhaps gladly depending on your point of view, I'm a hoarder.  Hence picking one thing to share is pretty much impossible. I've kept everything from old sugar cube wrappers (yes, honestly) to my grandmother's hat pins. 

I've also kept most of the cards I've ever received including this one from the girls I worked with in 1966. It must have taken ages to make because all the little doors and windows open and behind each one is a message or a drawing. It’s a very large card at almost two feet tall, but that hasn't stopped me taking it with me through eight house moves. The messages still make me laugh, especially this one ‘Wishing you all the very best you horrible old moo’ and ‘Good-luck mate you’ll need it’ 

'Mork and Mindy', 'Fantasy Island', just two of the tv programmes from my childhood that I'd love to see repeated. Which of your childhood programmes would you love to see again?

I grew up watching Muffin the Mule, Bill and Ben and The Woodentops and would enjoy seeing all of them again.  I also have fond memories of programmes watched with my son in the 1970s, things like Grange Hill, Mr. Benn and Jackanory.  If you've not seen Mr. Benn, it’s the one where a man wearing a black suit and bowler hat visits a fancy dress shop. Once he’s chosen a costume he leaves the shop through a magic door and enters a world appropriate to the costume he’s wearing. I always thought it was such a clever idea as it provided endless possibilities for adventure.

If I were to say 'iconic film' to you which scene/saying from what film would first come to mind?

"You're gonna need a bigger boat." Brody/Roy Scheider in Jaws (1975). 

'Aunty Taitty', 'Mrs T'. Apart from your given name, which other name(s) are you/have you been known by?

Bobby, Bobbie, Bob.  I was about a year-old when someone commented on me being ‘a lovely little boy’! As a joke mum and dad started calling me Bobby, and the name stuck. These days I'm more often called Bob. Come to think of it I did look like a boy. Perhaps that is why mum always put me in pretty dresses and encouraged my hair to curl!

I'm taking you for a meal, as well as a main course do you opt for a starter OR a pudding? (I'm too mean to pay for both) And what would it be?

I have a sweet tooth so it would have to be a pudding. Eton Mess, Bread and Butter pudding or Banoffee Pie would do nicely, thank you. 

You may not like them (I know I don't) BUT if you had to go to a fancy dress party what would be your costume of choice and why?

I’ve never been to a fancy dress party, although Terry and I did dress up for a supposed ‘thirties night’ only to arrive and find everyone else in evening dress.  My sister and brother in law thought it was hilarious. Terry hired a 1930s style suit, and I scoured vintage markets and antique shops for shoes and a dress. I was also lucky enough to find an original necklace made from jet beads which I still have (something else gathering dust in a draw!)   I even went to the trouble of putting ‘finger waves’ in my hair, a style favoured by my mum when she was a young woman.  It ended up being a really fun evening, if a little embarrassing!

My sister and brother in law (left) Terry and I seeing the funny side (right) 

Superstitious? Care to share any of your superstitions with us?

Very!  I never walk under ladders, would not dream of putting my shoes on the table and always throw spilt salt over my shoulder – which just makes a mess, but it has to be done because you never know where the devil might be hiding!

Which person (or animal for that matter) would you most like to be able to impersonate?

I don’t want to impersonate anyone. I want to enjoy being me and then (hopefully) come back and do it all again as someone else! 

Presuming you didn't have an imaginary friend as a child which book character would you have liked as an imaginary friend?

I had lots of imaginary playmates, but I didn't give any of them names, or if I did I've forgotten.  My childhood was spent in the fields and woods around the farm where we lived. I was usually on my own, or with Peggy our dog hence imaginary friends were a big part of my life.

As you have worked so hard, a quick fire round. Tea or coffee? Sweet or savoury? Clean shaven or with a beard?

Clean shaven
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I would like to invite the following blogging friends to join in the tag. This is entirely optional and I completely understand if you don’t have the time or the inclination. 

Marilyn Chapman
Sandra at Sandra's blog
Darlene at Darlene Foster's Blog
Colleen at Appreciate Beauty
All at The Secret DMS Files of Fairday Morrow

Anyone else who fancies having a bit of fun, please feel free to play along. You can leave your answers as a comment at the end of this post.

These are my questions to you. 

1.  What is your earliest memory?
2.  Where is your favourite place in the world and why?
3.  Do you have a favourite piece of clothing or footwear? What is it?
4.  If you write a blog what inspired you to start it?  If you don’t – why not?
5.  Favourite snack potato crisps, peanuts, sunflower seeds or something else? 
6.  Have you ever acted or sung on stage?  I was a daffodil in a school play once – hardly acting but just thought I would mention it!  Any other talents you care to mention?
7.  Have you or anyone in your family traced your ancestry? If so is there anyone famous or infamous in your line?
8.  Have you ever experience déjà vu?
9.  Do you sing in the shower or in the car or both?
10.Have you enjoyed participating in this tag? Be kind, I'm only asking!

Before I go, I should just mention the rules.
Thank the blogger for the award given.
Answer the ten questions set by me.
Nominate other blogging friends for the award.
Write ten questions for those bloggers to answer.
Display the award on your blog or in a post

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this and to those who play along.  If you don’t have a blog but would like to join in,  please leave your answers in the comment section below. 


  1. Goodness! How long have l got....!
    "Willie..keep it simple"....HaHa! You must be joking! :).
    1) I remember hearing a lot of banging and shaking...the day
    l was born..l was told later it was just Mt Etna erupting! :).
    Seriously though, my memory goes back to the age of five!

    2) Sicily...My home and where my heart is..!
    I've lived most of life in the UK...But! Home is where the
    heart is!x It's the most wonderful place on the planet!

    3) Oh! My goodness! Fashion! As l always say...
    "Every street is a catwalk"..Love cloths, love dressing up,
    and l've done some modelling in my time! I have a trilogy
    in my life..."Love Food..Love Cats..Love Pink".

    4) My one and only Blog/Post was done for me back in 2008.
    I've been nagged ever since to start one and post my own
    things on it...Sorry! but that won't happen! I enjoy the
    Blogs l follow, and leave comments...! Found some nice
    friends in doing so!

    5) Snacks! Yes! Love them. When it comes to food, there
    is'nt anything l 'don't' eat..Love all food, just a matter
    of some foods, l prefer than others! I'm also a cook..A very
    good cook!

    6) HaHa! I was..was..a 'Superstar'...I spent some 12yrs on
    stage, doing all sorts, mostly dance, and l choreographed
    quite a few shows...I preformed briefly over here in the UK,
    but then went over to Germany, working for the Americans, then
    over to the 'World' across the pond..!

    7) I'll just answer 'Yes' to this...Can't really say much more!
    Let's just's a Sicilian thing..!

    8) Yes! But answering this would just be to long....!

    9) I sing everywhere...In the shower, l sing water music,
    in the car l sing motoring music, on the loo...well, leave
    that to you...! :).

    10) Yes! I have..I've just done it as a comment...I'm afraid
    l'm gonna brake some of the rules...Think l've done quite well,
    keeping my comment..brief!
    Yes! I've enjoyed it! Great fun...! =(^..^)=

    1. Dear Willie, thank you so much for joining in … and for enjoying it! We must have that coffee in the New Year then I can ask you about questions seven and eight! I just know your replies will be entertaining. As for question nine least said soonest mended, and we really don’t need to discuss that over coffee! :-)

      I won’t nag you about blogging (although I think you should!) because it is lovely to enjoy your friendship though comments on this and other people's blogs.

      We’ve never visited Sicily, but we are beginning to think we should. Maybe it's time we had another holiday! You can be sure we will share the photos here if we do. Thanks again, Barbara x

    2. Everyone should go to Sicily..Two ladies,
      who have Blogs l follow, have asked me about
      Sicily, and, both of them, with their families
      went a few years back. One family, on my suggestion,
      just few to Catania, hired a car and spend time just
      travelling, stopping here and there, meeting people,
      even being put up for free! Overall..the two weeks
      cost them a total of £2,000, and that's for two adults,
      and two children...Total...! Did they enjoy it...Yes!
      They've been back twice since! :).

      HeHe! Yes! we'll leave question nine then...Though l
      hope we can still 'SIT' down and have coffee...!!! :0).

    3. Sitting down with you will be a pleasure Willie! :-) Always worth knowing someone who knows, and you obviously know (and love) Sicily. We couldn’t ask for a better recommendation. xx

  2. Barbara, beautiful, beautiful Barbara! I LOVE that photo of you and your husband dancing! And it's wonderful to hear more about you. Oh you are such a delight, and we have much in common. Bless you dear friend!

    1. Hello Anita, thank you for your always warm and kind comments dear friend. We could hardly dance for giggling! My sister and her husband had more than a hand in convincing us we needed to ‘dress up’ for a 30s evening while knowing all the while, it was a ‘black tie’ event.

  3. Love those answers Bob.

    Eton Mess is also one of my favourites. Not that it seems this is the only thing we have in common. I'm also a hoarder who had an imaginary friend .. though it was only the one as far as I know. Perhaps I didn't have the imagination to have any more.


    1. I’m pleased you liked my replies Tracy and really sorry it took me so long! My imaginary friends changed depending on what I was doing – some were better at climbing trees while others enjoyed pressing flowers or sharing a book. Hugs Bob :-)

  4. Thank you for including me, Barbara. I am honored. Now to see if time allows.....

    1. No stress Sandra, I know how time has a way of disappearing especially at this time of year.

  5. What a glorious post, Barbara, and I absolutely love the card and the photos!!!

    1. You are such a sweetheart Linda! Thank you for your always kind comments.

  6. Well you hoard some very interesting things, Barbara. That all I have to say. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Lee, I’ve always been a bit of a squirrel! The nicest thing is opening a box and finding something I saved years ago. Like the card from my work friends, I visualize each and every one of them when I look at it!

  7. You didn't look like a little boy.
    Iconic movie saying? Game over, man. Game over!

    1. That’s reassuring, thank you Alex.
      I have a feeling Game over, man. Game over! Is from Aliens? I’m going to check on Google and see if I’m right.
      Thanks for commenting.

  8. I am constantly learning new and interesting bits of information about you. I don't recall every hearing that your nickname was/is Bob. I do not think you looked like a boy (when I was little everyone thought I was a boy too- must have been my short hair and three brothers). ;)

    Thanks for nominating us! If time allows we will try to join in the fun.


    1. I have an older brother and sister, so I don’t think that was the reason, but I don’t really mind as I always liked Bobbie better than Barbara. As I’ve got older so it has shortened to Bob which I also don’t mind.
      I know what you mean about time Stephanie it took me months to get it done. :-)

  9. Quirky questions and amazing answers, so thanks to the questioner and the questioned! When I was little, I demanded to be introduced as 'the dog!' But I'm not sure 'the dog' had a name ...

    1. Sue I’ve not stopped laughing since reading your comment. Why would you want to be called ‘the dog’? I wonder if you heard something or read something in a book that stuck with you.

  10. What a fun post, I so much enjoyed reading all your answers. Have a good week, hugs, Valerie

  11. Lovely post Barbara and I never thought you looked like a boy, hence we never call you Bob! That was a fun night at Farnham wasn't it? How much wine did we drink? Terry trying to sell the Mayoress a pack of stockings was classic! Oh the good old days😄

    1. Hi Sue, I will NEVER forget Terry, the Mayoress and the stockings! It was a brilliant night, and against all the odds when you consider the weather conditions. The good old days indeed. :-)

    2. PS. I wondered why you didn't (don't) call me Bob when everyone else in the family did. xx

  12. Thank you for tagging my blog, Barbara! Solves what to write this week! I am looking forward to answering your questions and coming up with some of my own to pass on. I love the way you illustrated some of your answers with photos. I don't think you look like a boy! I love the '30s fancy dress photo. You and Terry are having FUN! I love that you enjoy being you- you do it so well! This blog is fabulous.

    1. Dear Colleen, thank you for playing along! I’m excited to read your replies and to see the questions you ask. I know both are going to be fun. Thank you for your sweet words, I really appreciate them.

  13. Hi Barbara it was so much fun reading your answers and some of them were what I would have said 😀

  14. Hi Barbara, Another magical post thank you. Like you I also prefer the name Bobbie. Somehow it suits you better as you always seem to be happy and bouncy and full of life. Also when one of your blogs bobs up they buoy up everyone's spirits.

    1. Hi John, I can’t tell you how delighted I am to think my blog might lift anyone’s spirit. That is such a kind thing to say, thank you. The comments always lift my spirits, so I do hope it is the same the other way around.

  15. You're a hoarder... =) I've moved enough times that we live pretty lightly. No excess. No clutter.

    Loved this Q & A. Loved getting to know you a bit. =)

    1. Guilty as charged! Thanks for coming over and leaving a comment.

  16. Oh wow, Barbara (or Bobbie), we have almost the same taste for desserts! I always go with black forest, bread & butter pudding, or banoffee pie. I really love that picture of you and Terry dancing and laughing. :) Your finger waves look is so classy. If only I know how to do that on my own (without any burning or complicated equipment involved).

    And that card your colleagues drew ~ precious. I love collecting cards, too, and have all those you sent. xoxo C.

    1. It would be wonderful to share a dessert with you Claudine! I wonder if we have the same taste in savoury food.
      My hair is curly, so I just damped the curls, put them where I wanted them (just with my hands), held them in place with hair grips and sprayed with hair spray, job done. Years of watching my mum do the same thing obviously stuck in mind.

  17. Hi Barbara or should I call you Bobbie? I do like that name! Oh you are so fun, yes we did have similar childhoods! But my best friends were my dogs and cats, no imaginary ones. I'm with you on desserts, love them!

    1. Barbara or Bobbie is fine by me by me Diane – I’ve been called worse. :-) I love that you think I’m fun, thank you for that. x

  18. Ha ha... like that..... never know where the devil might be hiding!
    Like those old B&W pictures.

    1. You can never be too careful with the devil! :-)

  19. Hi Barbara, I think my earlier comment must have disappeared (I sometimes have trouble with Blogger), but thank you for including me in this fun tag. I'll let you know when I get to participate! p.s. I love banoffee pie, never heard of it until I went to England and haven't seen it since, but gosh, it sure was delicious!


    1. Hi Marcia, I’m so sorry you had trouble with comments. Blogger certainly has a mind of its own at times! I often think I should have gone with Wordpress but I can’t face the thought of starting again. It took me an age to join in with the tag, but I enjoyed it once I got going. Banoffee Pie really is delicious; count me in on a slice of that!

  20. Hah, I'm a hoarder too! I have way too much stuff and not all of it is stashed away either. I really need to have a sort out this Christmas :)

    1. Hi Nikki, most of mine is stashed away somewhere but the trouble is I can never find what I want. I obviously need more space not less stuff. :-)

  21. My lovely cousin John took the time to play along with this tag and gave me permission to share his replies with you. John lost his wife earlier this year so it was incredibly kind of him to join in. In answer to your question John, I did enjoy your answers, although I also found them very moving.

    1. The sound of rain on the tin roof of our bungalow at Bovingdon.

    2. My favourite place is Portwrinkle beach in Cornwall though only as I remember it for the happy times spent there with Elizabeth.

    3. My favourite piece of clothing is now a necklace I wear constantly. On it are three rings of great sentimental value.

    4. I do not write a blog of my own but greatly enjoy contributing to yours.

    5. In a word, Chocolate.

    6. Yes! I had parts in two of the annual village pantomimes, written and produced by Mrs.Chennel, at Murcott back in the nineteen fifties. I was the cat in Dick Whittington and the goose in Mother Goose.

    7. Our daughter has done some family research but found no one famous or otherwise.

    8. I am experiencing deja-vu on a daily basis these days. Its called loss of memory … I think.

    9.As for singing…Now, for obvious reasons, I frequently hum the tune or sing to myself the words ( from a Don Williams hit ) “Some broken hearts never mend, some memories never end. Some tears will never dry and my love for you will never die”

    10. Yes! Definitely. I only hope you have enjoyed my answers.

  22. Beautiful post. It was nice to know more about you and we have much in common. I truly love that photo of you and your husband dancing, so much love in the air! Have a great weekend ahead :)

  23. I loved your answers. Thank you so much for including me. I will post my answers in the New Year since I have been away for almost a month and now it is Christmas!!


    1. Hello Darlene, there is absolutely no hurry, just join in if you feel like it. It took months for me to get to it, and I know how busy you are.


I really appreciate your comment. Thank you!
Barbara xx

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