Friday 14 April 2017

Vintage Postcards and a Happy Easter to you all

I’ve been busy in the garden over the last few days, and as I’ve dug and weeded I’ve been accompanied by a blackbird and a robin. The robin has no fear at all and is in constant danger as it hops around between my feet. My neighbour tells me there are several nests in her garden so it won’t be long before the chicks are coming over for a visit.
Rene Cloke Postcard Robin

While watching the birds flitting backwards and forwards, I was thinking about what to share on my blog for Easter. It was then I remembered this set of Rene Cloke postcards. Would they work I wondered? I’m not sure but as inspiration and time are in short supply, I’m afraid they will have to do.

Rene Cloke Postcard Blackbirds

The images originally appeared in a series of nature books for children written by Mary Kerr in the 1950s. Edmund Ward produced the postcards at around the same time.  
Rene Cloke Postcard The hedge sparrow

Rene Cloke Postcard the Thrush

Rene Cloke Postcard the Moorcock

rene cloke postcards kingfishers

Rene Cloke Postcard Swan

I like this sentiment from the back of one of the cards;

Greetings and in hopes you will like this new series of Birds and Butterflies!
Kind thoughts and of course, Ad Infin!

I couldn't have put it better myself!

I can’t end an Easter post without a bunny or two so without further ado; 

Rene Cloke Postcard The Rabbit's Birthday

Rene Cloke Postcard The Lost Berry

Set of Rene Cloke Postcards from the Truth in a Tale Series

Thanks so much for visiting me today I wish you a very Happy Easter filled with love. 


  1. These are fabulous vintage post beautiful!!!

    Happy Easter~

  2. Love your vintage cards, so beautiful, and they remind me of book illustrations when I was a kid. Happy Easter to you and yours, hugs, Valerie

    1. Thank you so much Valerie, I wanted to put something up for Easter but this was rather last minute so it’s nice to know you enjoyed it. Have a lovely Easter, Barbara x

  3. I just had to come across from Jan's blog to visit you.

    These postcards are utterly adorable, what a great post.

    Happy Easter to you.

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan, thanks for coming over, I’m very happy you did because I’ve just enjoyed a fun half-hour on your blog. I will visit again in a few days. Barbara.

  4. Bird (and nature) obsessed me loved this series. Thank you - and a very happy Easter.
    I too am gardening. Preparing for a mammoth bulb plant.

    1. Thank you so much, happy Easter to you too. I don’t envy you planting all those bulbs, but I will envy you when they flower.

  5. 'There was a young bird called Robin
    Who hops like he’s bobbing,
    He jumps on my spade
    To show his chest that never fades
    A sight to see when I am bird spotting'. :).

    Lovely pictures Barbara...Strange! When you live
    in the country side, l'm in the next county of
    course, over the years one gets used to birds
    and wildlife all around you! You only miss it..
    if it's not there! You can keep the BIG towns,
    and cities as far as l'm concerned...Hate them!
    It's lovely waking up in the morning to the
    'coughing' of the birds...! HeHe! :). Bless!

    And..I suppose l must say, as l started reading
    this post..l thought..Hello! Barbara's done a
    food post! Well! l did when l got to the swans!
    Rabbit tomorrow is Easter! :).
    (Are'nt l wicked).

    Willie...You forgot the Blackbird..
    'Upon my fence the Blackbird sits
    Singing his merry song.
    A distant song replies to him
    Waiting to feed their young'.

    And...Yes! A very Happy Easter to one and
    all...God Bless! :0).

    Some Things That Easter Brings
    Easter duck and Easter chick,
    Easter eggs with chocolate thick.
    Easter hats for one and all,
    Easter Bunny makes a call!
    Happy Easter always brings
    Such a lot of pleasant things...Amen!
    –Written by Elsie Parrish...

    1. "Ooh, you are awful ... but I like you! :-)

      I love the poems Willie! I can’t find any as good as the ones you shared, but I do like these words;

      Be like the bird who, pausing in her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing she hath wings.

      Victor Hugo

      I agree with you about towns Willie, although the older I get the more I consider moving to one. It’s just a question of convince really, and I would love to be able to get rid of my car. The roads are so busy these days. I only do short drives, but they are enough to frighten the life out of me.

      You can’t eat swans Willie – it’s not allowed, and I won’t believe you if you tell me the last one you ate was road kill!!!

      Happy Easter, don’t eat all that chocolate in one go! xx

    2. Now look..Most of the swans in England are free, they do not belong to anyone. The Queen only owns the MUTE swans. Apart from Royals, the only people allowed to eat swan are fellows of St. John's College, Cambridge on the 25th June. Swans have a fishy taste, although the best ones are fed on oats when they are young....
      All around the country swans are culled...Abbotsbury for
      example...from time to time, so what happens to the birds
      that are culled..No! There not recycled for eating, there
      buried...Yes! buried!
      As are pheasants, people pay up to £1,000 a day for a shoot!
      Just for enjoyment..they say! If there are'nt people like
      me, who take the birds, cleaned, and dressed for eating, they
      will be buried. A shoot near me, some years ago, shot 1,200
      pheasants over two days...One what happened to them! Buried! :(.

      But then..I'm a hypocrite when it comes to food, l don't
      kill anything..never have, never will..but, bring it to me
      as a carcass..and out comes my trusty 8inch blade, and away
      l go...!!! :).

      "I don't believe it".

      Victor Meldrew....! :).

    3. That’s it I’m eating nothing but greens from now on. Please don’t tell me vegetables have feelings! As for the people who shoot pheasants, they need locking up – it is not sport!
      I’ve been to Abbotsbury, but I must admit I didn’t know they culled the swans. I can’t even stand to think about. People are so flipping cruel I despair sometimes.
      Right pass me an Easter egg I’m going on a diet of chocolate. xx

  6. I love these vintage post cards. I am sure your garden looks lovely. Have a wonderful Easter!

  7. Good morning dearest Barbara! I LOVE your choice for this season. The vintage cards for me have that "je ne sais quoi" that comes from the earlier eras. A type of innocence that is distinct for these times. Today's art is lovely, for sure, but the child-like wonder of the art of this time brings out the innocence of the spring babies, the bright hope of spring, the child in me. I have seen a few bunnies in our garden, the robins are out (ours are longer and have different eye markings than the British robins), and soon the aggressive blue jays will be here. But the trees are spurting out green hope. HAPPY EASTER my dear friend!

    1. Hello lovely Anita, thank you for your sweet Easter message. I’ve not seen any bunnies in the garden this year, although I live in hope. In my ignorance, I assumed they would be the same the world over, but I’ve since found out Australian and American robins are very different. My lovely blogging friends are providing me with an education, thank you. Have a lovely Easter.

  8. Thanks for sharing all of these beautiful postcards. They bring me back to peaceful times in childhood. The picture of the blackbird family shows the female to be a lighter color which I'd never realized or thought about before. Makes sense since other birds (cardinals, etc.) are like this. We've got so many crows around here and they're all pure black, and I guess I used to think of blackbirds as the same way. It sounds like you have a mighty brave robin there in your garden. I hope he doesn't accidentally get hit by the spade. :) Have a wonderful Easter, Barbara!

    1. Hello Marcia, to be perfectly honest I didn’t know about the colour of blackbirds either, but I now know the one visiting us is a male. So I learnt something today. I can’t make up my mind of the robin is brave or silly, but I fear he will get himself into all kinds of scrapes. I have to be very careful where I put my feet, but luckily I’m only using a small hand fork to dig with so he should be fairly safe (I hope)
      Have a lovely Easter. Hugs Barbara

  9. How positively delightful these postcards are Barbara - so sweet and cheerful. What a gorgeous surprise when someone would receive them in the mail.
    I also loved reading how you have your little birds accompanying you as you dig in the garden too. Have a lovely Easter :D)

    1. Hello Sue, they are very special indeed and much nicer than many of the postcards around today. The little bird visits all the neighbours too, and is becoming something of a celebrity. Happy Easter xx

  10. How perfect for Easter.
    Hope it's wondrous.

  11. Beautifully nostalgic pictures - wishing you a lovely Easter!

    1. That is so kind, thank you Sue. Happy Easter.

  12. What a gorgeous, refreshing and delightful post! I love all these vintage postcards, Barbara! Thank you so much for sharing. Happy Easter. :)

    1. It was my absolute pleasure Linda, thank you for taking the time to come over. Happy Easter.

  13. Dear Barbara,

    Such a wonderful post and loved all the vintage postcards you have shared. I love gardening and seeing the blackbirds about - they are so quiet and pick away at the worms.
    Hope you are enjoying Spring there.
    Happy Easter and many thanks for the kind visit to my blog.

    1. Hello Carolyn,
      It’s turned a little chilly, so I’m staying inside in the warm. I’m missing the garden though and hope the sun will shine again soon.
      Happy Easter to you too, I hope you are having a lovely time. Hugs Barbara

  14. What delightful pretty pictures.

    We have a Robin in our garden, we call him Henry, he sings beautifully. We also have a pair of blackbirds this year.

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Hello Julie,
      I’m so pleased you enjoyed the pictures.
      Henry is the perfect name for a robin. I must think of something for the one in our garden. He is so feisty and brave he needs a strong sounding name. I will have to put my thinking cap on.
      Happy Easter, Barbara xxx

  15. Wonderful vintage postcards :) Can't beat a good postcard, we should send more!

    1. Quite right Nikki-ann, shall we see if we can start a trend? :)

  16. Such beautiful images!! Nice to meet you! Saying hi from Sandra's blog! Big Hugs!

    1. Hi back, it’s lovely to meet you too. Hugs Barbara

    2. Hi Barbara, I am still trying to catch up in blog land! I'm usually a week behind! LOL! I forgot to hit the follow button when I was here! Sorry! Thanks for coming by my blog! Big Hugs!

    3. No Worries :) Thanks for following.

  17. ¡Hi! I just have known your blog and I follow u now. I hope u can visit mine and follow me back.
    Kisses ;)

    1. Hello Sky, it’s lovely to meet you. I’ve just visited your blog and I’m now a follower. Hugs Barbara

  18. LOVE the robin and the kingfisher! What a beautiful collection of cards, Barbara! Happy Easter-Happy Spring-Big Hug from me.

    1. Aww thank you Colleen and a big hug back from me. x

  19. Barbara, your Easter post is incredible. I think it is absolutely PERFECT. The birds are so well done, and those bunnies are just the icing on the Easter carrot cake. I really enjoyed this so much, and understand lack of time and inspiration. We all have it, but it's a bad time to get it, isn't it?

    Hope your Easter was as joyous as your Easter post.

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth your very kind comment is much appreciated. It was a bad time to be floundering around with nothing to say, and I was thankful when I remembered the postcards. I’m so pleased you enjoyed seeing them. We had a lovely Easter thank you, hope you did too.

  20. The Rene Cloke post cards are so beautiful. Love watching birds. :) Glad you got a lot done in your garden. I haven't begun to do any work in my yard yet. I was going to do some work today- but Mother Nature had other plans, as it rained all day. :) Maybe next weekend.

    1. Hi Stephanie, we’ve been enjoying such lovely spring weather it would have been a crime not to be out in the garden. We are now awaiting an ‘arctic blast’ or some such thing the weather forecasters dream up. It is such a shame because the tender plants are just pushing up through the earth. They will hate it if it gets cold again (almost as much as I will) :)

  21. Absolutely beautiful postcards. I loved all of them

    1. I feel very lucky to have them, and it’s lovely to be able to share.


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